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Living everyday the best I can
United States
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Seems like forever since I actually posted an update on here.

oh has been...HA!

Hmm...So when was the last time I updated? *checks* Jeebus!

Ok, so since August I have been going non stop. My husband deployed to Iraq for the 3rd time and left me back here in Alaska with our two daughters.

My 5 year old started her first year of school and has totally rocked it and has become the top student in her grade and has tested highest on a few subjects for the whole district which covers several hundred miles. I am so stinking proud of her. She knows quite a bit of the Spanish and Yupik languages.

My 2 year old is just as intelligent. She knows all of her colors and which ones to mix to make specific colors, knows how to say her ABC's forwards and BACKWARDS! I am 27 and can't say them backwards without stopping and thinking. Haha. She also knows simple math and how to speak certain words in Albanian, Spanish, Yupik, and Chinese.

As for me, I enjoyed my trip to LA. It was amazing. I miss Laguna Beach so badly. lol. I tried new types of modeling and LOVED them. I did my first bondage shoot and after getting comfortable with my surroundings and the photographer, I relaxed and had so much fun. After doing my fashion shoots with David Hickey, I was spammed with modeling offers. I did a shoot for Maxim but haven't been able to get the photos up anywhere but my Model Mayhem and Facebook. For some reason, DA doesn't like my ungodly slow net here. I shot down a shoot for Hustler. Forgive me if I offend anyone, but my feelings are that once you start doing full blow porn such as videos and shots of penetration, there is no diffing your way back out.

Anyway, while I was in LA, I got a new tattoo. I have photos of it but nothing professional and of course...DA won't let me upload it. It's GORGEOUS! It is a phoenix starting from the top of my right thigh and wrapping its way around my leg down to behind my knee. You want to talk about PAIN!?! Sweet Jesus! When the artist hit the tendons behind my knee....I nearly passed out. That and when he hit the nerves right below my buttcheek....I didn't know whether to laugh or cry or throw up. lol. It was worth it though. I went with all black since the other colors seem to fade easily.

I am wanting to get a new tattoo down my side or maybe on the other thigh. I know most photographers don't like tattoos because they are hard to sell. But should I really let that stop me from expressing myself and enjoying my body? (haha...your mind went in the gutter you dirty person...if it wasn' is now. HA!) I have thought about the design I want and have searched for MONTHS trying to find the right one and have not found anything I want on my body for the rest of my life. I would like a UH-60 blackhawk for 2 reasons. To honor my husband who has loved and supported this family for the past 6 years and to show my deep rooted love of military aviation. Well..and just aviation in general. Both of my tattoos have meaning behind them. My scorpion was put on to signify that through the years of my childhood that I was beaten, molested, mentally abused, raped, and left to die...I was strong enough to overcome it all and come out of top. The scorpion in some cultures stands for revenge, never bowing down to anyone, and through the harshest of times and is a survivor.

My revenge is that I went from rock bottom where my whole family thought I would always be and I got my education, my degree, got married, have two amazing little girls, independent, smart, I make people laugh, and I am loved.

I never bow down to anyone but the almighty God and Jesus himself. I never back down in any situation and never admit defeat unless I have exhausted every option and even then I am not fully done with trying. Yeah....I am stubborn. lol.

As for the climates...come on now..I live in freaking figure the rest out. Hahaha.

And if you have followed me since 2008 when I joined the site and have read my journals, you know what I have been through health wise and let me tell you....I AM STILL ALIVE!!!

Moving on to my current health state. I was having shoulder problems last year. I had rotator cuff surgery on my right shoulder and it's doing awesome! I still have some work to do on making the tendons and muscles stronger but that just takes time.

As of right now, I am dealing with a heart issue. Nothing deadly I don't think. I have been having irregular heart beats, passing out from time to time, difficulty breathing sometimes. So I am on a heart monitor for 30 days and have already done the whole MRI thing along with ultrasound of my heart and blood work galore. I have an anatomical anomaly of the heart. Not quite sure what it is yet. Still waiting for results from the MRI. I am on beta blockers to keep adrenaline from going to my heart and making it beat weird. They seem to be working just fine. I do have a tiny hole in my heart but nothing serious. The dr said worse case scenario is they cut a small slit in my neck and go down into my heart and burn a small piece of the interior of the heart to fix the electrical loop. So it's nothing I won't overcome.

I am currently in the process of overhauling the house and hope to get it done before Kris gets back in August. I learned a lesson the other day...

If you are painting a room and the walls are slick, either scuff it up with sand paper or use primer. Yeah....I didn't do either. So after 2 days of painting, I am now in the process of peeing all the latex paint off the walls so I can primer first THEN paint. DOH! Haha. Needless to say, I am having a painting party this weekend to have friends come over to help me. Hahaha. As soon as the painting is done, my father in law can put the new cabinets up and I can focus on getting everything moved around to where I want it. Then I can start working on my garden with my kids.

Well, if anyone is a bad ass artist and wouldn't mind drawing up a UH-60 Blackhawk that would be good enough to be placed onto my body for the rest of my pressure...then I would love to see what you can do. I am hoping to get it done late next month. So there is plenty of time. Nothing with a butt ton of detail either. lol. I can only handle so much pain. Haha. Yes...I am a puss. I admit this. :P Just think...Your art could be on my body FOREVER!!! MUAHAHA. Yeah....I need to go to bed. lol.

Okies! I love you guys! I am going to try to start updating this more often and hopefully once the net service out here improves this summer I will be able to upload the rest of the photos from my LA shoots.

  • Listening to: My daughter sing twinkle tinkle little star
  • Watching: My dog attacking her squeaker toy
  • Playing: Super Meat boy
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Hey fellow Alaskan here we should totally get together and create something beautiful!  Thinking like really out there Abstract Artistic B&W nudes and bodyscapes kinda like my most recent deviation.
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Thx for your journal. Good luck. Love your gallery. You are special.
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Hey hun Hope all is well I never hear from you anymore and I hope that is because you are just too damned busy.
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This is Wayne...hope all is well girl!!
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Vispir youve been gone for a long long time ! i hope everything is well and you are still modeling.
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